August 26th, 2020


From tremella to reishi, the history of medicinal mushrooms is rooted in rich Chinese history. Find out why we source our mushrooms from China and how our 100% transparent supply chain helps to ensure the quality and safety of these powerful superfoods.

Did you know that medicinal mushrooms originated in China?


For thousands of years, mighty mushrooms including chaga, reishi, and tremella (just to name a few) have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the main ingredient in many powerful Eastern remedies, there is no question that these superfoods are packed with impressive health benefits.


Read more to find out where we source the fantastic fungi found in our superfood mixes.


Our sourcing team travels the globe to find the highest quality ingredients.


So, when it came to finding the most nutrient-dense mushrooms to add to our superfood mixes, we source from an organic farm in China. Why, you ask? In the 19th century, the Chinese began cultivating tremella mushrooms and the country has become the premier source of tremella fuciformis, AKA snow mushrooms.


These beauty-boosting mushrooms are grown on traditional natural substrates as they have been for centuries.


Other countries of origin choose to grow tremella mushrooms on a starch substrate (oats and sorghum) which lacks beneficial precursors for the body. Oftentimes, suppliers from elsewhere around the world grow their mushrooms in greenhouses, and climate-controlled spaces, which doesn't pass along the healing properties that natural substrate does. Therefore, it was imperative for us to find tremella mushrooms that were growing and thriving in a natural habitat.


As we began to compare the quality of mushrooms grown in China versus those found in other parts of the world, we realized tremellas from China were undoubtedly the finest functional mushrooms available.


Once we chose the finest farm of the region with natural substrates, we put these supreme mushrooms through the ultimate test -- making sure they are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiology.  Next, the tremella mushrooms are naturally dried, milled softly into powder, and tested once again by a 3rd party to confirm that the quality never falters.


The result? The 100% organic tremella mushroom powder found in our Plant Collagen mix. Thanks to the purity of our product, tremella mushrooms offer powerful benefits. This antioxidant-rich mushroom increases your body’s level of hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep skin hydrated, improve skin texture, and supports cell regeneration.

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Written by Reigna