“Wow” Your Family With These Healthy Pecan Pie Bars

Crunchy, caramel-y, and absolutely addicting – these maple pecan pie bars will win everyone over the holidays.

by Reigna Everidge
“Wow” Your Family With These Healthy Pecan Pie Bars

This season is all about pie! And nothing says holiday cheer quite like the triumphant trio: pumpkin, apple, and pecan.

 While everyone seems to reach for a slice of pumpkin and apple pie first – there’s just something about pecan pie that is undeniably good. It’s crunchy, gooey, and melts in your mouth!

Only problem is, it’s often made with loads of dairy, sugar, and corn syrup. So, we decided to make a healthy version, and I’m pretty sure we nailed it. (But we’ll let you be the judge!)

These maple pecan pie bars are completely vegan and gluten free, plus they’re made with three of our superfood mixes. You’ll get energizing superfoods and plant protein from our Plant Protein mix, and natural collagen support from our Plant Collagen mix.

And if that weren’t enough, the sweet date “caramel” contains our calming Golden Mellow mix – to help ease holiday stress. 

Are you ready for the newest addition to your holiday dessert table? Let’s get baking!





• 2 tbsp. Plant Collagen Mix

• 6 tbsp. Plant Protein Mix

• 1 cup almond flour

• 3 tbsp. Maple syrup

• 1 tsp. Vanilla extract (optional)

• 1/4 cup plant milk


Golden Mellow Date Caramel:

• 1 tbsp. Golden Mellow Mix

• 12 medium to large medjool dates, pitted

• 1 tsp. Maple syrup

• 1-2 tbsp. Water (depending on how moist the dates are)



• 1 cup chopped pecans

• 1 tsp. Sea salt (optional)

• 1 tsp. Maple syrup (optional)



  1. Add all crust ingredients in a large bowl and mix until combined . Spread evenly on an 8x8 glass pan lined with parchment paper and bake at 350℉ for 10-12 mins.
  2. Let the crust cool completely (at least 1 hour).
  3. While the crust cools, add the dates to a blender or food processor and blend for two minutes. Add the rest of the Golden Mellow date caramel ingredients and blend into a paste.
  4. After the crust has cooled, spread the date caramel on top of the crust. (Super tip: dip your spoon/knife/fingers in water to prevent the dates from sticking). Top with pecans and press them into the caramel.
  5. Bake at 350℉ for another 15 mins.
  6. Top with a drizzle of maple syrup and sea salt
  7. Let cool completely and enjoy!

Products Used

Plant Collagen Mix

Plant Collagen Mix

Superfoods to support natural collagen production


Plant Protein Mix

Plant Protein Mix

Plant-based protein powder to keep you full longer


Golden Mellow Mix

Golden Mellow Mix

Soothing Latte Powder